Does a Clogged Air Filter Affect Your Car's AC?

Learn how a clogged cabin or engine air filter can affect your car's AC performance and how you can prevent it from happening.

Does a Clogged Air Filter Affect Your Car's AC?

Believe it or not, the cabin filter can have a strong impact on your car's air conditioning system and the power of the entire vehicle. If the filter is clogged, you may need to turn on the air conditioner and it will work harder than usual. This can cause unpleasant odors to be emitted from the air conditioner, as well as a decrease in the quality of air. The engine air filter is also important for your car's performance.

It is responsible for providing oxygen to the engine, which is necessary for combustion. A dirty engine air filter can cause engine performance problems, as it prevents complete combustion. The cabin air filter is placed in the mouth of the heater box to treat air entering the passenger compartment. It removes dust, soot, pollen and other environmental allergens to continuously provide fresh, clean air to the cabin space.

You should replace this filter on a regular schedule, as the element becomes filled with particles and becomes much less effective. A dirty cabin air filter not only lowers the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, but it also allows allergens to infiltrate your airspace. This can cause health problems if you are susceptible to allergies. Additionally, a clogged cabin air filter can cause a strain on the air conditioning system, resulting in an increase in energy consumption and motor damage due to overloads.

Rich White, Executive Director of the Car Care Council, emphasizes the importance of replacing your cabin air filter when he says: “Checking the cabin air filter is a simple preventive maintenance step that greatly contributes to the protection of passengers, as well as the vehicle's HVAC system.” So, if you've ever wondered why your car's air conditioner suddenly stopped working or why hot air starts to blow on an intensely hot summer's day, now you know that it could be due to a clogged cabin air filter. It is important to replace this filter regularly in order to ensure that your car's AC is working properly and efficiently.