What Happens When Your Cabin Air Filter is Dirty?

Learn what happens when your cabin air filter is dirty and how to prevent it from happening with expert SEO advice.

What Happens When Your Cabin Air Filter is Dirty?

A dirty air filter can cause a lot of problems for your car. It can make the AC fan motor work harder, leading to it burning out and needing to be replaced. It also works less efficiently and consumes more energy, putting the alternator to the test. Plus, a clogged cabin air filter can't capture particles efficiently, making the cabin dirty and smelly.

Many people don't know much about cabin air filters, and it's often overlooked when it comes to car service. To get the most out of your filter, be sure to blow air through each slot in the filter so that dust hiding in any corner of the filter is removed. If you don't replace your cabin air filter in time, you may experience a few issues. The cabin air filter price may vary depending on whether you choose a carbon cabin filter or a standard one.

A dirty or clogged cabin air filter won't be able to filter out contaminants, which can be a problem for people with allergies or breathing difficulties. You should also listen for a soft, healthy fan noise, as this is an indicator that the cabin air filter and AC system are in good condition. You can often get more life out of your cabin air filter by simply cleaning it so that air can flow back in. However, if it's been used for a long time, it will become clogged and less air will pass through it.

This can cause mold on the filter after a long time of use, so you should replace the filter within the specified programs to avoid this. The engine air filter ensures that clean air reaches the engine, while the cabin air filter prevents pollution such as dirt, dust, smoke, smog, pollen, mold spores and exhaust gases from entering a vehicle's cabin through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The real danger from a faulty cabin air filter is that it prevents the climate control system from properly cleaning windows when necessary.