What is the Difference Between an AC Filter and an Air Filter?

Learn about the differences between an AC filter & an air filter, including their core functionality, features & more.

What is the Difference Between an AC Filter and an Air Filter?

In a nutshell, both air filters and cabin air filters are designed to purify the air and allow only fresh air to enter. An air filter is placed in the engine to prevent dirty air from entering, while a cabin air filter is installed in the mouth of the heater box to block dirty air from entering the cabin. This filter removes dust, soot, pollen and other environmental allergens to provide clean air to the cabin space. It should be replaced regularly, as it becomes filled with particles and becomes much less effective.

An oven filter performs a similar job as an AC air filter, except that it applies to “hot air” rather than “cooled air”. While both filters serve the same purpose (cleaning the air in your home), there are some differences in terms of filter location, service life, filtration level, and cost. Your automotive technician will check the air filter for excessive debris and suggest a replacement as needed. In most cases, the central air system uses two separate filters to properly filter out unwanted particles, allergens, bacteria and more.

Newer central HVAC systems and heat pump systems usually have a shared air controller and intake ventilation air filters for both heating and cooling units. If you need a replacement filter, purchase from Filterbuy and receive your new air filters on your door. The blower is typically located in a central location in your home, near the air intake grilles. When the air filter is kept clean and well-maintained, it ensures that only clean air reaches the interior of the engine.

The cabin air filter can also become clogged over time and will need to be replaced at certain intervals to maintain comfort levels inside the cabin. Some homes use a single filtration system or type of air filter for hot and cold air. Scheduling a maintenance visit from a professional HVAC company can ensure that all of your home's filters are helping your HVAC systems operate efficiently and don't detract from your home's indoor air quality.